How To Capture Full Screen with ShareX

What is ShareX? ShareX is an open source program that lets you take screenshots of any selected area with a single key, save them in your clipboard, hard disk or instantly upload them to over 25 different file hosting services. ShareX can capture screenshots with different shapes: rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle, diamond, polygon and…

android screen

How To Project Your Android Phone To Your Computer Monitor

Project your phone on the monitor screen on computer display. To project your android phone screen to your computer you will need three things:’ 1) Android SDK Platform-tools: You can download this at here. 2) Download Android@screen at here. 3) Download Java for your operating system from here. Reference: smileandmobile


How To Create Your Keynote Slideshow

The heart of a Keynote presentation is the slideshow that you build from the slides you’ve created. A Keynote slideshow is typically presented full screen, with slides appearing in linear order as they are sorted in the Slides list. In its simplest form, you can always run a slideshow from a Keynote project by clicking…


How To Search On Google

Tip 1: Keep it simple No matter what you’re looking for, try to start with a simple search. Add a few descriptive words if necessary. If you’re looking for a place or product in a specific location, add the town or zip code. Try it out: best coffee in seattle or where is the closest airport Tired of…

Search tools and filters

Search Tools And Filters

You can filter and customize the search results you see by using the options and tools at the top of the results page. For example, you can choose to just see blogs updated within the last 24 hours or photos of a certain color. Looking to change your search settings? Visit to change settings like SafeSearch,…