The Wise Button, The Universal Remote For Your Smartphone Or Tablet

We will make your life much easier! Wise Button is a universal helper of your dream. We’ve managed to design it in the best possible way. It is a universal remote control and also a brilliant tracking device.


Since Wise Button is a brand new product, we’re able to deliver it only since January. However, we understand how important it is to make and receive Christmas presents. On your demand, we can issue gift certificates for any perks that you purchase. Please leave such demands in comments or send them to us by email when we contact you. In this way, you can give your relatives and friends nice innovative Christmas presents. Even though it’s only November, the Wise Button team wishes you a Happy winter holidays!!!

Wise Button is compatible with any operational system: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.You can connect this universal button to your smartphones, tablets, music players, PCs and laptops – literally anything.It is very small and handy; you can easily attach it to your keys or handbag.  Using the Wise Button, you can control your devices remotely.

Wise Button helps you browse through your photo gallery, video files or websites without touching the device itself. You can even make presentations using the Wise Button. You want to skip a song  playing on your stereo in the other room or play it once again? Wise Button can do it for you. You can also use it with your built-in camera and take pictures, film videos or record sound remotely.

Wise Button is great for security. You’ll never lose your device again – this button has a special regime that alarms you when the connected device is more than 20 feet away from you.In the morning you don’t remember where did you put your phone in the evening? Just press Search on your Wise Button – and the phone will reveal itself.This search works both ways – you can always find the button from the connected device. Attach the Wise Button to anything you don’t want to lose – and you’ll always be able to find it.

If you want to keep track of several items from your device, we have special Wise Button Stickers that can be used exclusively for tracking.Put this Sticker on your kid’s bag, on your pet’s collar, on your wallet, keys – anything that is precious to you. And you’ll never lose it.Wise Button is designed to function for 1 month without recharging. Wise Button Sticker works withour recharging for 3 months. You can always recharge them using Micro USB cable – and these devices will serve you for many years.

We’ve developed special software for the Wise Button. It is very simple, even kids can use it. You can use a set of common functions or adjust them to your needs the way you want.Check out the design of the Wise Button. We’ve developed it in the most demanded and modern way. The young people will certainly like the Wise Buttons in juicy bright colors that accentuate their individuality.

For business persons that are used to the strict classic style, we have black, silver and golden Wise Buttons that mark the status of their owner. These buttons have metal cases and genuine leather holders.Black is always good. It is the most classic color and strict style for your Wise Button.Silver Wise Button case is made of chrome-plated metal. Our most demanded model.Golden Wise Button is our exclusive luxury model. Its case is gold-plated.

Reference: indiegogo


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