Google Maps Loses 23 Million Users To Apple Maps

When Apple maps on iOS launched, it really wasn’t to be taken seriously. In fact, it was downright embarrassing for Apple, since it had a lot of bugs and errors, and it was clearly a failed attempt at launching something that could be as good as Google Maps. Well, the tech business is funny and time marches on. Since Apple Maps was first released, Google Maps has lost 23 million users to iOS. That is almost a quarter of the 81 million users that it used to have. Holy smartphone Cartography Batman!


A year after Apple maps was originally launched, it now has a total of 35 million users. However, Google still has more users with a total of 58.7 million users across both Android and Google Maps for iOS. Around 6 million of those users are using it from the Google Maps app for iOS though.

Maps data is a big part of both Apple and Google and very important. It helps both companies monitor information like traffic jams, and it also helps Google provide location based advertising, which is a nice source of income for Google. I wonder how Google plans to regain those users and counter this situation.

Reference: geeky-gadgets


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