Firefox Android Browser Now Preloaded Onto Selected Android Devices

If you enjoy browsing the web using the desktop version of Firefox, you might be interested to learn that this week its developers at Mozilla have announced that their Firefox Android browser will now come pre-installed on selected Android smartphones and tablets.


Mozilla has just announced that the latest Kobo Arc tablets and the Gigaby GSmart Simba SX1 smartphone for the first Android devices to be shipping with a Firefox browser pre-installed for users to enjoy.

The Firefox Android version which is installed on these first devices enables users to synchronise data between their PC Firefox browser and a mobile device with ease. As well as providing support for a number of plug-ins as well as quick access to your favourite and frequently visited websites as well as history and bookmarks directly from the Firefox homepage. Mozilla explains:

“Firefox for Android will be preinstalled on the new Kobo Arc 7, Kobo Arc 7HD and Kobo Arc 10HD tablets from Kobo, a global leader in eReading. The devices, designed for the most passionate readers, are hitting stores across North America.


Together, Kobo tablets and Firefox for Android ensure readers have a beautiful experience – whether you’re reading a book or surfing the Web. Like Kobo’s Readability features, Firefox has a Reader feature to offer another way for Kobo customers to view and read Web content by removing advertisements, adjusting pictures and increasing font size to show a more clear view of the page. Everything in your Firefox Reading List is available offline, so you can catch up on reading when Internet access is unavailable, like on an airplane or subway.”

For more information on the new Firefox Android browser roll out of Android devices jump over to theMozilla Blog website for details.

Reference: geeky-gadgets


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