Final Fantasy 14: Libra Eorzea Now On Android

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn recently reached a total of 1.5 million registered users, which is quite an accomplishment and that made the game one of the most popular MMOs the company has offered. Final Fantasy 14′s companion app, Final Fantasy 14: Libra Eorzea, was launched for iOS in early September, with an Android version expected to be released “soon.” That “soon” was rather vague, but now it is available.

Libra Eorzea

Android device owners can now download Libra Eorzea. Final Fantasy 14: Libra Eorzea is designed to enhance your experience with the game by being a kind of encyclopedia. It will tell you everything you want to know about the title in question. In addition to all of that knowledge, Libra Eorzea lets users preview their gear and attributes, explore character profiles, item effects and it also has several bestiary entries. Consider it a kind of travel guide to that in game world.

If you’re one of those 1.5 million registered users, you will really get alot from this app and it is worth it to download either the iOS or Android version of Libra Eorzea. It will certainly help you make your way through the game and add some more depth.

Reference: geeky-gadgets


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