6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For A Bitly Account

We’ve released additional features with the new bitly, and the best way to take advantage is by signing up with your own free account. Why create an account? Here are some key benefits:


1. The Chrome Extension and Bitmarklet make saving and sharing easy

Bitmarks are the interesting links you collect across the web. With a bitly account you can start using theChrome extension or Bitmarklet, two tools that make it possible to save, bundle and share bitmarks to Facebook, Twitter, and email, right from your browser.

chromeext image

2. All of your bitmarks accessible wherever you are

When you save a link with a bitly account you can find it in your bitmark list. View your bitmarks at any time when logged into your account on the web or with the iPhone app.


3. Curate your links around a theme with bitly bundles

bitly bundles make it possible to organize and curate your bitmarks around different themes or ideas. Create a recipe bundle of all your favorite crockpot recipes or use a bundle to brainstorm your next big trip- the possibilities are endless. You can also add multiple curators to a bundle so they can include their bitmarks as well.


4. Discover new stuff through your network view

Many users connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to bitly for easier sharing. An added advantage to connecting these accounts is your network view, where you can see the public bitmarks saved by the people you know on Facebook and Twitter. See something you like? Save it to your own bitmark list.


5. Your very own bitly profile page

Signing up with bitly means you’ll have a public profile where all your public bitmarks & bundles are published. To learn more about recent improvements we’ve made to profiles, check out this previous post.


6. Stats, all on one page

Your stats page allows you to see click counts for all bitmarks saved in the past 30 days. You’ll see the number of clicks on your bitmark, as well as the total number of saves on bitly and total clicks the link has generated.


Excited to get started? Click here to sign up for your own bitly account.

Reference: bitly


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