Nike Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker

If you were hoping that with the launch of their new Nike FuelBand SE fitness tracker, Nike would be making it available to be used with Android devices, you might be a little disappointed to learn that noAndroid support will be rolling out with a new Nike FuelBand SE device next week when it launches on November 6th.



In the past Nike has explained that it was not developing an Android application for its new Nike Fuelband SE fitness tracking wristband. But this week they have expanded on the reasons why the Nike Fuelband SE device will not be supported by Android devices in the near future saying that the support for Bluetooth LE has been the main factor.

Nike vice-president of Digital Sports Stefan Olander explained that due to the lack of consistent and mature Bluetooth LE (Low-Energy) support on Android devices, Nike is not able to make their Nike FuelBand SE fitness tracker work to the quality level that they require.


Support Bluetooth LE on Android devices has only recently been launched with the roll out of Android 4.3 a few months ago. However a more robust code for Bluetooth LE is expected in new Android 4.4 release which is expected to launch in the coming in months. But until this has been fully tested and given the green light by Nike don’t expect to see a Nike FuelBand SE device supporting Android devices any time soon.

Reference: Android Community , geeky-gadgets



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