Let’s Build A Faster Web And Eat Pizza. Take The 11% For IE11 Challenge.

IE11 for Windows 8.1 is our fastest browser yet – 9% faster than IE10 and nearly 30% faster than the nearest competitive browser.  IE11 provides the kind of performance that users expect from their favorite sites and developers rely on to buildmodern web experiences like Hover.ie and GlacierWorks: Everest.

windows ie11

But the browser itself is only a part of what makes a fast web experience. The code that developers write – and its real-site performance – matters more than browser performance. Even one second correlates to what users do: whether they leave or stay, how long they browse, how many pages they view, and what they purchase. Best of all, most performance improvements don’t just help the users that visit in one browser – with HTML5 web standards, it can lead to a faster experience across many modern browsers.

The 11% for IE11 challenge

Now that we’ve improved IE’s performance, we’re challenging YOU to improve the performance of YOUR site! If you can get 11% better page load performance from your site, we’ll send you and your team some 11 goodness:

· 11 pizzas to feed your team

· 11 copies of Parallels Desktop Virtualization

· 11 one-year subscriptions to BrowserStack testing

And to give you a little help, we’re releasing new performance scanning tools on modern.IE. You can get a complete teardown of how these work on the IE Blog here.

Use any tools you want for the 11% challenge. Use modern.IE and the F12 Developer Tools, the web community’swebpagetest.org or Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It’s all good.

This offer is limited to the first 11 organizations that qualify.  For complete details and to enter your site, start here.

How easy is it to get 11% faster?

Well it will depend on your code. We recently tried the new tools with our partners at swish.com – a responsively designed modern site. They were able to improve their page load performance by 40% with some simple steps. We’ve published acomplete tear-down on modern.IE so you can try these techniques for yourself.

Profile in IE11 for performance in two clicks

The new F12 Developer Tools in IE11 make it easy to profile and performance test your site. In two clicks, you get a visualization of how your site renders over time – CPU, GPU, FPS, NET, DOM inspection – enough three-letter acronyms to make most performance testers happy.

F12 developers tool

Limited offer: 25% off Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac

Today we are also announcing a new limited time offer for 25% off Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac products. Pick-up one of 1,000 available by using the redemption code on modern.IE.

modern.IE – spend less time testing

We continue to improve modern.IE as part of our commitment to help move the web forward. If you’re a developer and you haven’t yet added this tool to your toolbox, here’s a short-list of what’s available:

· Free virtual machines for various Windows and IE versions

· Free BrowserStack screenshots service for desktop and mobile devices

· 3-months of BrowserStack cross-browser testing service free

· Open source cross-browser code scanner

· IE Compatibility Inspector, automated in the cloud

· Code with standards – 20 tips for building modern sites from the experts

· And more how-to: what’s new in IE11get your site IE11 compatible, tech teardowns from modern websites, and new app-like features with Windows 8.1

Reference: windows


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