More Free Templates To Handle Bullying, Other Social Situations Faced By Children With Autism

In collaboration with Autism Speaks and the University of Washington Autism Center, Microsoft has published a series of PowerPoint templates covering bullying and other social situations faced by the families of the more than one million children with autism in the United States.


Families and therapists supporting children with autism can download these templates for free from the Autism Speaks article on or by searching for “autism” from the File > Newsearch box in PowerPoint.  After downloading these templates, families and therapists are encouraged to customize the content in these templates to best meet the needs of the individual child.

“We hope that families will find these templates useful for helping their children understand and prepare for some of the everyday activities they may experience as challenging,” said Dr. Wendy Stone, PhD, Director of the UW Research in Early Autism Detection and Intervention (READI) Lab.

“Issues such as bullying, toilet training and taking turns are sometimes difficult for individuals with autism to comprehend through traditional teaching methods,” said Lisa Goring, Vice President of Family Services at Autism Speaks. “These new templates are a great way to help children on the spectrum learn about more complex topics in a visual and easy to understand format.”

Templates recently published include social situations such as bullying, potty training, talking with others, taking turns, going to the store, and play dates. These and PowerPoint templates covering other social situations can be found on the Autism Speaks article on



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