Get Ripped Triceps In Four Weeks

Build stronger arms with our four-week triceps growth plan

The biggest muscles in your arms aren’t your biceps. Your triceps makes up two-thirds of the muscle mass in each, so you need to target them if you want to fill out your T-shirts. As well as helping you to look good, bigger triceps will also improve your performance in other upper-body exercises, such as the bench press. If you play a sport then you’ll benefit from more power during throwing and pushing movements.

rip hand

This six-move workout will help you get killer triceps. And here’s all the information you need about when and how to do it and what weights to use.


Allow 45 minutes, including the warm-up.


Add this workout to your weightlifting regime by doing it once a week for four weeks.


Select a weight that allows you to complete all the reps with perfect form. You should not reach failure before the last set of the last exercise. If you’re having to move your upper arm around to control the weight, it’s too heavy.


Spend five minutes on a piece of cardio equipment and then do four sets of bodyweight exercises such as burpees.


Allow one second to lift the weight, pause at the top for one second, then take two to three seconds to lower. Each set should take 40-60 seconds.


Rest for one minute between sets and two minutes between exercises.

Reference: mensfitness


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