C-130J (Hercules): Induction of C-130J Hercules aircraft has vastly enhanced the special operational capability of the Indian Air Force. The aircraft are capable of operating in all weather conditions.


Medium Lift Helicopters: New helicopter units are being raised with the induction of Mi-17 V5, medium lift helicopters, equipped

with state of art avionics along with glass cockpit instrumentation. The aircraft are Night Vision Goggles (NVG) compatible and approp-riately protected to facilitate night operations in a hostile environment. The helicopters have multirole capabilities and can be used for Air maintenance, Army support operations in the Tactical Battle Area (TBA) and Special Operations significantly enhancing the operational potential and war waging capability of the IAF. The commencement of raising of units started in September, 2011.

Mirage-2000 H/TH Upgrade: A contract for upgrade of Mirage-2000 aircraft was signed with the French Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) (M/s Thales and M/s

Dassault Aviation) and M/s HAL on July 29, 2011. Two aircraft have been positioned in

France for upgrade. The French OEMs would undertake upgrade of two more aircraft at HAL (Bangalore). M/s HAL will carry out series modification of the remaining aircraft at HAL, Bangalore.

MiG-29 Upgrade Programme: MiG-29s were inducted in IAF in 1987 and have been a potent Air Defence Platform since then. Subsequently, an upgrade programme was contracted with the Russians, including complete upgrade of radar and avionics

alongwith structural upgrade of aircraft. Following an initial phase of Design &

Development (D&D) aircraft, three aircraft are undergoing flight trials at Russia with another three in the final stages of upgrade. The D&D phase would be followed up with series upgrade of aircraft in India.

AN-32 Aircraft Upgrade: AN – 32 aircraft were inducted between 1984 to 1991 from erstwhile USSR. After utilising the aircraft for 25 years, potential for utilizing the aircraft

upto 40 years was seen due to sufficient availability of residual fatigue life. Along with

life extension, noise suppression in cockpit and upgrade of avionics was also considered, to incorporate certain avionics equipments mandated as per ICAO specifications for transport aircraft. AN-32RE aircraft is reequipped with new generation equipment meeting ICAO specification for Transport Aircraft.


Rohini Radar: IAF is procuring a number

of indigenously manufactured Rohini radars.

These radars are being produced by BEL and

are planned to replace existing Low Level

Transportable radars.

Arudhara Medium Power Radar (MPR):

IAF is also processing of MPRs which would ensure medium and high level surveillance of the airspace. The first radar has been inducted into the IAF for operational use.

Surface to Air Guided Weapons (SAGW): Surface to Air Guided Weapons (SAGW) of IAF mainly comprise of Pechora, OSA-AKM and IGLA. Pechora forms the backbone of IAF’s SAGW fleet. They were inducted in early 70s. New inductions are likely to take place in near future to replace this ageing fleet. Medium Range/ Short Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM/ SRSAM), Spyder and Akash would be inducted in near future.

Induction of AWACS: The AWACS contract was signed in the year 2004 for three

IL 76 based platforms along with associated ground equipment. The first two AWACS were inducted in the years 2009 and 2010 while the third AWACS along with the associated ground equipment was inducted into IAF in March, 2011. The first two AWACS were inducted in the years 2009 and 2010 while the third AWACS

along with the associated ground equipment was inducted into IAF

in March, 2011.


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