10 Things Men Should Know About Women

Alecia Raut, the gorgeous model shares ten things that she feels men should know about women.

Alecia Raut

1. Sure we love the gifts and surprises, but what matters to us the most is about what you feel for us genuinely.

2 . There’s no brain versus brawn. You better have both!

3 . Instead of just talking, show us that you really care for us. Offer to run an errand or offer to spend time with our parents.

4. Love us, respect us, hear us out and we’re yours forever.

5. No matter how important you are to us, we cannot compromise our self-respect for you. So don’t take us for granted.

6. Shopping is our birthright and we shall have it. Please understand that it’s a necessity and not a luxury. After, all we do it to look good for you too…

7. A career is as important to a woman as it is for a man. Respect that.

8. Sometimes all that we need is a shoulder and ears to solve our problems. Don’t give in to the temptation of playing the gyan guru though!

9. Do not lie. Trust me, women can sense lies better than a lie detector! If you think you can get away with it, you are wrong.

10. Women are your equals and some even better. Treat them so!

Reference: timesofindia.indiatimes


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