Melting Chocolate In A Double Boiler

Chocolate is very sensitive to heat and moisture. Once you learn the art of melting chocolate, working with it becomes very simple. Prevent any water or steam coming into contact with the melted chocolate. A small amount of liquid, even a wet spoon or steam may cause the chocolate to seize and stiffen, making it unusable.

1. The chocolate slab should be at room temperature at the time of melting. Cut the Chocolate into thin pieces as given here.

2. Put chocolate in a stainless steel bowl that can fit well over a sauce pan, without having space on the sides for the steam to escape. This makes a good double boiler. If  steam goes into the melting chocolate, it may ruin the chocolate.

double boiler

3. Fill saucepan with 1” water and put it on fire to boil. When water boils, reduce heat to minimum.

4. Place the bowl of chocolate on the simmering water, making sure that the base of the bowl does not come into contact with water and the heat is very low. The water should not be boiling rapidly.


Do not stir. Once the chocolate starts to melt, very gently stir with a rubber spatula or a spoon. When almost melted, switch off the fire.

5. Remove bowl from saucepan and place on a towel placed on the kitchen platform. This absorbs the moisture at the base of the bowl. Gently stir again for 2-3 minutes till fully melted, smooth and glossy.

NOTE: Do not melt chocolate over direct heat (unless melting with other ingredients – in this case keep the heat very low).


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